One of the Ionian Islands, Lefkada is almost attached to the mainland being separated only by a narrow canal of 30m width. The bridge, wicch has been built over the canal, renders the island easily accessible by all means of transportation.

Moreover Aktio Airport is located only 17km away from the city of Lefkada  with international flights from all over Europe. Lefkada (approximately 380km from Athens and 420km from  Thessaloniki) has much to  offer to its visitors. The Mediterranean climate and the developed road network, make touring the countryside a fabulous experience.

The island is green, fertile, has such a rugged coastline and is surrounded by so many other tiny islands, that the view it commands from any point is thrilling in its diversity.

The villages are serene and picturesque and can offer an ideal solution to those seeking a quiet, spotlessly clean, sandy beach.